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People have come under immense challenges with pressures from many angles. The finance, family, health and global problems combined with loneliness and culture of individualism have affected the mental health of many people. Many people have had the boldness to talk about it and seek help while others chose to remain silent. Talking about mental health is one of the effective means of reducing the impacts of covid and improving wellbeing. By enrolling and participating in this course, participants will be better positioned to not only get the necessary help and support but also help their immediate friends and families.


The Gospel can not be preached in isolation


Many of the things prophesied in the Bible about the end of the world have been fulfilled and are being fulfilled. Does this mean the world is about to End? If yes, how close are we to the end? One of the books of the Bible focused on the end of the world is Revelations; what is the message in that book? How should a person live so that they do not miss the purpose of God?


Technology can be a tool for good and for evil. While there are horrible stories about how technology have been used amd abused, many believers have learnt to use technology to reach millions of people with the gospel. How do we leverage technology for Christ, for the spreading of the gospel and church growth. What are the safeguards that parents and leaders should put in place. How does a church plan and transition to the media age? Introduction to Ethics and Etiquette of Gospel Streaming and broadcast
Streaming Media Types
Understanding facts and figures of Bandwidth and internets jaggons
Thinking of starting your broadcast
GDP in the new age


Many want to have a GREAT LOVING MARITAL LIFE and it is possible. Nobody wants the pain and the heartache of a bad marital relationship. However, a great marriage is not an accident, it is intentional, can be learnt and cultivated.
A great marriage starts well before the marriage.
Many of us have not intentionally learn how to create and maintain good and healthy relationships. Getting married is a major life decision.
The Premarital and Marriage Relationship Course is designed to help understand the PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICAL aspects of: 1. How to know the right person and help each other in the relationship 2. How to prepare for and maintain a great marital life as well as how to restore relationships and grow in love and intimacy. The course is based on Biblical principles but designed for both Christians and non-Christians to help prepare for a great marital life. The course is unique in helping to explore key aspects of relationships, understand what to look for and do, how to prevent mishap, and how to develop intimacy and strengthen relationships. The course fee is FREE but collection will be taken.


Parenting is a vast topic. The truth is, no one is an expert in parenting, but we must confront it and can learn more about it Good parenting and family relationships are crucial to current and future generations. It is generally assumed that people will just pick up parenting and family relationship skills as they grow, which has NOT been the case for many. The Parenting and Family Relationship Course is for anyone who wants to understand what it takes to raise children with good values and behaviour, and have a good family relationship. The course is also designed to strengthen parenting and restore relationships and to help grow in harmonious and healthy family. It has a common sense, practical and user-friendly approach.


Join us for an exciting event focused on the intersection of business and mission! Discover how you can make a difference in the world to the mandate of Jesus through your entrepreneurial endeavours. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this event is for you. We will explore how to integrate faith, mission and business, and hear from people who have successfully combined their passion for business with a greater purpose.

Anyone or christian who want to further his knowledge in the bible, experial in the prophesies of the endtime.


This course will start in October and end in February